21 August 2014

Technical Officer at National Institute For Research in Tuberculosis

Technical Officer (Libary) at National Institute For Research In Tuberculosis

 Further Details :http://www.nirt.res.in/html/Employment.htm


  1.  Father of Scientific Management Principles 
    1. Peter Drucker
    2. A.Maslaw
    3.  F.W. Taylor
    4. Elton Mayo

  2. Father of Social Realation of Management 
    1.  A.Maslaw
    2.  F.W. Taylor
    3.  Peter Drucker
    4.  Elton Mayo

  3. Father of Motivation Hygien approach
    1.  F. Herzberg
    2.  D. McGregor
    3. Henry Fayol
    4. A.Maslaw

  4. Author of Principle Centered Leadership
    1.  Peter Drucker
    2.  D. McGregor
    3.  Elton Mayo
    4. Stephen R. Covey

  5. Father of SWOT analysis
    1.  Peter Drucker
    2.  Henry Fayol
    3.  Stephen R. Covey
    4.  Albert S. Humphrey

  6. father of psychoanalysis
    1.  A.Maslaw
    2. Sigmund Freud
    3.  Albert S. Humphrey
    4.  Stephen R. Covey

  7. Who is know as the father of Indian Budget?
    1.  B. R. Ambedkar
    2.  M. N. Roy
    3.  P. C. Mahalanobis
    4.  Jawaharlal Nehru

  8. Father of Theory X and  Y
    1.  William Smith
    2. Adam Smith
    3.  Stephen R. Covey
    4.  D. McGregor

  9. Who Said Management by Objectives 
    1.  F.W. Taylor
    2. A.Maslaw
    3. Peter Drucker
    4.  All of the Above 

  10. Who recommended applying Ranganathan's laws to the Web in his paper, "Application of Ranganathan's Laws to the Web
    1.  Ashok Kumar
    2.  Carol Simpson
    3. Michael Gorman
    4. Alireza Noruzi

16 November 2013

Smart Tips to Prepare UGC NET Library Science Exam

Dear friends,

Greetings from SmartLibrarians.In  !

You might have known that after  June 2012, all the exams conducted by UGC has been very tough. One who with out having sincere preparation can not clear the exam. There are rumors also there, the University Grant Commission is going to introduce negative mark system from the coming exam. You need not worry about the toughness of the exam if you prepare systematically with smart  work.

SmartLibrarians.In gives some important tips for you. These tips are from our own experience.

1. Start with Basics / Fundementals

It is very important that you should build basement first before constructing a building. But many of the new candidates used to start their UGC NET preparation from  guidebooks. It is like constructing a house with out basement. So we request you to start from the fundamental library science concepts which you have studied from college days. Go back to the college notes or text books.

2."IGNOU Books" - the Secret of Success !

There is a strong belief among the LIS passed candidates that most of the questions asked in the UGC NET Library Science Paper 1 and paper 2 are  taken from IGNOU Books , particularly from BLIS and MLIS portions. So if you have time, try to finish at least IGNOU BLIS  portions.

3.How to Prepare for UGC NET First Paper

For the first paper, you should concentrate more on reasoning, Teaching methodology and Current awareness Skills. For reasoning, R.S.Agarwal books are referred for years. For teaching methodology, refer some  B.Ed exam Course material Psychology of teaching. Refer last 12 months of any competitive exam magazines like CSR, Civil Service Chronicle or Competition Wizards.

4. Be alerted with LIS Latest developments 

Now a days, many questions are asked from the current developments in the LIS field. So you should be informed in all latest concepts in the Library Science like automation software’s, Digital Library Software’s, web technology like web 2.0,3.0 & Portals ,Subject Gateways ( Please aware of specific subject gateways for all the subjects). Databases, UGC Info net, N-List, INDEST Etc. and Traditional side u must known Classification, Cataloguing, and Indexing etc.

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