UGC NET Library Science Preparation Tips

N.SURESH M.Com.,M.L.I.Sc.,(NET).,M.Phil.
Assistant Librarian and Information officer.
Anna Centenary Library

  • First Collect all the materials where ever is available .
  • Do not Trust Guides .Guide always misguiding you Try to get various university correspondence course materials IGNOU materials available in IGNOU website.
  • Read standard text books. It there in our library itself and Make it use of it.
  • Library Science Journals Articles Help u Update your self in Our Subject.
  • For the first paper concern u must improve your reasoning, Teaching methodology and Current awareness Skills.
  • For reasoning u better approach r.s agarwal books. And must practices every day and learn short cuts it will help u save the time.
  • Teaching methodology u just see B.Ed exam Course material Psychology of teaching. I could find that many of the questions asking related to Educational Psychology are in B.Ed material.
  • Next current awareness u must update past six month Indian polity, world Economy, Science, and Sports etc.
  • For Library and Information Science paper u must think exhaustive and write briefly.
    U Must Up dates all the developments of our subject. And known about the various automation software’s, Digital Library Software’s, and related to web technology like web 2.0,3.0 & Portals ,Subject Gateways ( Please aware of specific subject gateways for all the subjects). Databases, UGC Info net, N-List, INDEST Etc. and Traditional side u must known Classification, Cataloguing, and Indexing etc.
  • Your hand writing should be legible, any question u tries to explain with example and provide diagram .
  • Time management is very important. Minimum 3 to Hours preparation need for passing Net Exam .All The Best

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