Dear Professionals,UGC's decision to Cancell Descriptive paper and Introduction of objective type in third paper of NET exam will spoil the quality of NET exam. It won't  produce quality NET  candidate. With out any Subject knowledge one can memorize thousands of Objective type questions it’s  helpful to pass the net exam easily, But he could not narrate subject concepts properly because objective type exams do not emphasize communication skills which is the basic requirement for a lecturer post. If we see last fewyears NET exam results many of them failed descriptive type third paper only because lack of communication and subject knowledge. Afterintroduce Objective type exam many inky pinky will pass the exam. So Irequest to Ugc officials review the decision.--
N.SURESH M.Com.,M.L.I.Sc.,(NET).,M.Phil.
Assistant Librarian and Information officer.Anna Centenary Library,