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Google has started ranking journals!

An interesting topic was came to known through Lis-forum. here it is

Through its new service called '*Google Scholar Metrics*' currently it
cover articles *published between 2007 and 2011*, both inclusive. The
metrics are based on citations from *all articles* that were indexed in
Google Scholar as of *April 1st, 2012*. This also includes citations from
articles that are not themselves covered by Scholar Metrics.

To know which are the top 20 journals in a particular subject area just
type the subject. For example; Library and Information Science, Economics, Statistics, Mathematics etc using the following URL address. Once you get Google Scholar search box replace 'Library and Information Science' with name of other subject.

To know more about this new service, please go through Google Scholar at:

Thanks to Garry for his posting on this. The full blog posting on
Significance magazine is at:

best Regards,

Dr Shamprasad M. Pujar
Deputy Librarian
Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research
Gen Vaidya Marg, Goregaon (East)
MUMBAI-400 065, India

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