Prepared by K. Palanivel
1. Research libraries and information retrival system (RLIN) situated
at Scand ford, California in the year 1978.

2. Scientific and Industrial Research Network (SIRNET) project was
lanched by NISCAIR in the year 1989.

3. LYCOS is Search Engine.

4. LOCAS means Local Catalogue Service.

5. CPM (Critical Path Method) techniques is developed by DUPONT.

6. CHECKMAT software is made for serial control in a library.

7. DELMS (Defence library management system) project was lanched by DESIDOC.

8. CARIS ( Current Agricultural Research Information System) project
is started by AGRIS.

9. Star Network is a type of computer network needs maximum networking cable.

10. ADONIS (Article Delivery Over Network Information System) is a
first electronic document delivery system.