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UGC Quiz-4

Prepared by N.Suresh1) Information is …
(A) Raw data
(B) Raw knowledge
(C) Input data
(D) Organized data
Answer: (D)
2) ‘Fair use’ is a term most relevant to :
(A) Intellectual Property Rights
(B) Books borrowed for home reading
(C) Copy right
(D) Use of reference books
Answer: (C)
3) WIPO stands for :
(A) World Information and Patents Organisation
(B) World Intellectual Property Organisation
(C) World International Property Organisation
(D) World Information Protection Organisation
Answer: (B)
4) Handling of Information in the sense of production is called :
(A) Information Marketing
(B) Information Industry
(C) Information Production
(D) Information Revolution
Answer: (B)
5) BERN CONVENTION (1886) is concerned with :
(A) Translations
(B) Copyright
(C) Patent
(D) Standards
Answer: (B)
6) Informal communication among knowledgeable person is known as :
(A) Invisible College
(B) Information Gatekeeper
(C) Communication Gatekeeper
(D) Knowledge Management
Answer: (A)
7) The invisible web refers to-
(A) the internet, since we cannot see it
(B) that part of the internet, which is hidden from the search engines
(C) the telecommunication signals which are not seen
(D) the failure in accessing the web pages
Answer: (B)
8) Who was the chairman of National Library Committee of India.
(A) B.S. Jha
(B) K.P. Sinha
(C) S. Mudaliar
(D) C.D. Deshmukh
Answer: (A)
9)Which organisation applied Library and Information Policy in India at national level.
Answer: (D)
10) Where is the head quarter of Patent Information System in India.
(A) Pune
(B) Mumbai
(C) Nagpur
(D) Delhi
Answer: (C)
11)The act enacted in India in 1856 on Intellectual Property Right was based on .
(A) American Patent Law 1810
(B) British Patent Law 1852
(C) The Patent Bill
(D) The Design Act of 1911
Answer: (B)
12) Whether intellectual property can be sold.
(A) No
(B) Sale is possible
(C) Yes
(D) None of these
Answer: (B)

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