Prepared by M.Kavitha 

  1. Operational approach is an Integrated approach.
  2. The model public library established in India with the UNESCO assistance was Delhi Public Library
  3. Facts on File is a weekly digest of World Events
  4. The theory X and theory Y was conceived by D.Mc Gregor
  5. PGI is framed out of merging UNISIST and NATIS
  6. Tree of porphyry is a systematic representation of Diachotomy
  7. 7th edition of CC was published in the year 1987
  8. Empty digit means A digit with ordinal value and without semantic value
  9. The core idea of subject is represented by Personality
  10. Method of residue is useful to find out Personality
  11. Enumerative classification means classification scheme providing readymade number for all subjects of past , present and anticipated future
  12. Principle of osmosis concerned with Re-classification
  13. Analytico synthetic classification means Freely faceted
  14. Wall picture Principle helps in Facet sequence
  15. Who invented the Retroactive ordinal notation E J Coates
  16. Card form cataloguing was originated by France
  17. British Museum first introduced the printed catalogue
  18. Canon of recall value is the another name of canon of sought headings
  19. Panizzi code was first published in the year 1841
  20. Books of unknown or doubtful authorship is known as Apocryphal books
* The contributor is working as Librarian& Information Assistant at Anna Centenary     Library,Kotturpuram, Chennai-25