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UGC Quiz - 7

Prepared by PM Raina

1. The INFLIBNET centre which provides a platform for research students to
deposit their Ph. D. theses and make it available
to the entire scholarly community through open access is
2. __________ layer of OSI establishes, manages and ends connections
between applications and manages the interaction
between end systems.
3. Sinology is a result of ____________(mode of formation of subject)
4. The headquarters of IASLIC is in ____________.
5. UNESCO's database of book translations is called _____________.
6. If two works cite a common work in its bibliography then it is known as
7. ___________ created by Alan Emtage is called the grandfather of
all search engines.
8. ____________ developed SWOT analysis.
9. The agency of United Nations having its headquarters at Geneva, which is
dedicated for the use of intellectual property as a means
of stimulating innovation and creativity is _________________.
10. Dr. S. R. Ranganathan was conferred the title _____________ in 1935 for
his contribution in the field of Librarianship.

Answers :
1. Shodhganga
2. Session
3. Clustering
4. Kolkata
5. Index translationum
6. Bibliographic coupling
7. Archie
8. Albert Humphrey
9. World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
10.Rao Sahib

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