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 Prepared By N.Suresh

1.Flow Chart used In :
a.system analysis   b.Computing  c.Information retrieval d.Programming

2.What is Sco-Zenix ?
a.Database b.System software c.Digital library software d.Multiuser operating Systems

3.What is ''Lipi" ?
a.Word Processor b.Spreadsheet c.Presentation software d.Statistical Package

4.What Type of Trabsmission in Cell phones ?
a.Fiber optics b.TCP/IP c.Infrared b.Microwave .

5.What is DPI ?
a.Digital programme b.Disc per in charge c.Disc per inch d.Department Intercom

6.Another name of Floppy disc is :
a.Magnetic tap b.Maganetic disc c.Cassette tap d.Diskette

7.OS-2 operating systems is designed by:
a.ET&T b.AT&T c.IBM d.Microsoft Co.

8.What is NAN ?
a. New area network b. Neighborhood area network c.North area network d.None of these

9.What is IRC ?
a.Internet reconnect b.Internet refrence chart c.Internet relay chat d.Internet rechating

10.What is ESS?
a.E-State services b.E-Serial Systema c.E-State Softawre Services d.Electronic spread sheet.

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Nice effort
but there are some mistakes in spelling
4. What Type of {Trabsmission} in Cell phones
10. c.E-State {Softawre} Services
Please edit this
Thanking you

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Dpi stands for DOTS PER INCH

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this very best for net apprring student we don's now this ques. thank you sir and countuine quizs daily

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