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National Mission on Libraries 2012

J.Jeba Joselin.M.A.,M.L.I.S.,

It really makes all library professionals feel happy to hear this news. We have a new national mission on libraries. First of all, we should congratulate all the members who have been selected to frame piolicies.


1.Prof.Deepak Pental (Chairman)
2.BS Barwan
3.Dr.Sanjiv Misra
5.Prof.ARD Prasad
6.Prof.Subbiah Arunachalam
7.Mrs.Sudha Murthy
8.One of the trustees of Ratan Tata Trust
9.Secretary to Dept. Higher Education, HRD Ministry (Ex.Officio)
10.Secretary to Ministry of Culture (Convenor)

Functions of the Committee

1.Advising the Government of India on all library and information sector matters of national importance.

2.Preparing long term plans and strategies for development of the library sector, including conceptualization and approval of projects and preparation of a "National policy on Library and Information Systems for India"

3.Interacting with state governments on all library matters, especially on public library matters.

4.Setting standards, including quality standards for library collections, services, technical work and infrastructure, and devising in-built mechanisms to ensure compiance for all types of libraries.

5.Encouraging and promotig partnership with corporate sector philanthropic organisations as well as bilateral and international agencies in the development of the library and information sector.

6.Revieving and assesing current status of library and information service education and inservices training facilities and working with agencies such as the UGC and universities to address the identified issues.

7.Coordinating with stakeholder ministries such as the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Information Technology, Deartment of Panchayat Raj, etc, to ensure effective implementation of the NRC recommendations and management of the post-implementation scenario.

8.Coordination with other national stakeholders of the library and information sector, such as the UGC, and AICTE, RRRLF,CSIR, ICMR, ICSSR and so on, to ensure effective implementation of the recommendations and management of the post-implementation scenario.

9.Collaborating with counterpart agencies in other countries to explore areas for cooperation which will lead to strengthening of India's library and information sector.

10.Securing public support through advocacy and media by providing evidence of delivery, usage, outcomes and impact.

11.Helpig state governments (that do not yet have library legislation) in formulating state library acts. Tenure of the Mission The tenure of the National Mission on Libraries willbe three years.

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