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Real Time Quiz-7 Answers

1. International Who’s who was published
            a. Monthly
            b. Quarterly
            c. Half-yearly
            d. Annually
2. The term “lexicon” is derived from
            a. French
            b. Greek
            c. Latin
            d. English
3.  “Trade Journals” was comes under which source
            a. Primary
            b. Secondary
            c. Tertiary
            d. General
4.  Research report published from NASA was comes under which source
            a. General                                                                         
            b. Primary
            c. Secondary
            d. Tertiary
5.  Guides to the Literature is
            a. Primary
            b. Secondary
            c. Tertiary
            d. General
6.  India : a reference annual” was published in
            a. 1975
7.  “IAEA” stands for
            a. Indian Atomic Energy Agency
            b. International Atomic Energy Agency
            c. Institute of Atomic Energy Agency
            d. Institutional Atomic Energy Agency
8.  International Encyclopaedia of Social Science was published from
            a. New york
            b. German
            c. France
            d. Australia
9. The Guinness book of world records was
            a. Year book
            b. Hand book
            c. Directory
            d. Biographical source
10. Gazetteers bring information relating to
            a. finding list of places
            b. finding list of maps
            c. finding list of guide book
            d. finding list of atlases

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