Prepared by PM Raina

1. ___________ is called the grandmother of search engines.

2. Institute of Information Scientists(IIS) and Library Association
UK (LA) merged in 2002 to form _________.

3. The term Gazette is associated with official/governmental 
documents and the term gazetteer is basically a ___________ .

4. Words with same spelling and pronunciation but different 
meaning are called __________ [Eg. Mercury(planet), 

5. A classification and subject index, for cataloguing and 
arranging the books and pamphlets of a library written by
Melvil Dewey in 1876 is the ______ edition of DDC.

6. Words with different spelling and meaning but with identical
pronunciation are called __________(Eg. Birth, Berth).

7. The full form of DOAJ is __________________.

8. UDC was first published between 1904-1907 in ______

9. Dr. S. R. Ranganathan was awarded honorary D. Litt. 
by ________(1948) and ___________(1964).

10. Anesthesiology is a result of ___________(mode of 
formation of subject).




3. geographical information source

4. Homonyms(same name)

5. First 

6. Homophones(same sound)

7. Directory of Open Access Journals

8. French

9. University of Delhi(1948) and University of Pittsburgh(1964)