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Ugc Quiz -16

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1.The Science Citation Index began publication in 1961

2.The impact factor was devised by Eugine Garfield

3. The first automated citation indexing was done by
CiteSeer in 1997

4.Eugine Garfield was the founder of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), which was located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

h-index was suggested by Jorge E. Hirsch

Institute for Scientific Information (ISI), now part of Thomson Reuters.

7.In a given year, the impact factor of a journal is the average number of citations received per paper published in that journal during the two preceding years

8.The ISI Web of Knowledge indexes more than 11,000 science and social science journals.

9.The g-index is an index for quantifying scientific productivity based on publication record

10.The g-index was suggested in 200 6 by
Leo Egghe

Prepared by

Thirunavukkarasu Chandran

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