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Target UGC NET 5

  1. The structure of CCF adopts standard ?

  2. KWIC induxing system was introduced by?

  3. Keyword indexing for the first time introduced by?

  4. Three parts of KWIC are named?

  5. What are the two types of knowledge?

  6. Books gives which type of knowledge?

  7. In POSDCORB , R stands for?

  8. Henry Gantt belongs to which school of management?

  9. Luther Gullick belong to which school og mgt?

  10. Who is the important person in Emprical school of mgt?

  11. Important persons in system management school are?

  12. Important Persons in management science school are

  13. The moto of contigency or situational mgt school is

  14. Who gave 14 principles to management?

  15. Management By Objective (MBO) was propunded by whome ? And when?

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