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1.A Mathematical Theory of Communication by U.S Scientist Claude E.Shannon published in

a)      1949

b)     1948

c)      1950

d)     1951


2.”Kinesics” means

a)      Verbal Communications

b)      Signals

c)      Signs

d)     Facial expression & Eye Movement


3.Telegraph was invented by

a)      Samuel Morse

b)      Alexander Graham bell

c)      Margony

d)     None of these


4.”5W” modal of Communication introduced by

a)      Lasswell

b)      Shannon

c)      Gerbner

d)     Schnramm


5.The Book “Information Science: Theory and Practice written by

a)      Vickery

b)      S.R.Ranganathan

c)      M.Dewey

d)     Richardson


6.”Agriculture of corns” is which mode of formation of subject

a)      Fission

b)      Fusion

c)      Lamination

d)     Agglomeration


7.How many logical stages in user education

a)      2

b)      4

c)      3

d)     5


8.The Book “ The Practice of management “  Written by

a)      Adam Smith

b)      Heney Foyal

c)      Peter Drucker

d)     Taylor



9. On which committee recommended 5% of fiction and 2% of non fiction of books weed out Every year from library collection

a)      Kothari Committee

b)      Radha krishnan  Committee

c)      Ranganathan Committee

d)     Sinha Committee


10.Which one is Neo- Conventional Document

a)      Books

b)      Journals

c)      Thesis

d)     Standard


11.“ Books in Print” Published by

a)      R.R. Bower

b)      T.Whitakar

c)      ALS

d)     Thomsan Press


12.Wheat loan educational exchange programme initiated in

a)      1951

b)      1952

c)      1949

d)     1955


13. “A Front Specie” is an?

a)      Title page of books

b)      Index page

c)      Content Page

d)     Last page


14.“PLANNER” Programme conducted by

a)      IFLA

b)      IASLIC

c)      ILA



15.“COPSAT” Abbreviated the term

a)      Current Periodical of science and Technology

b)     Contents of Periodical of science and Technology

c)      Computer Periodical for scientific terms

d)     None of these


16.” Personal Specification” means?

a)      Jobs having specific requirements

b)      Physical and mental abilities of job

c)      Both A&B

d)     None of these



17.What are the methods of Job evaluation

a)      Ranking , Classification, Factor Comparison , Point system

b)      Physical Fitness ,  factor comparison , ranking , Personality .

c)      Personality , Ranking , Classification, Factor Comparison .

d)     None of these


18. Restore of stack order means?

a)      Sack verification

b)      Stack Arrangement

c)      Sack rectification

d)     None of these


19.The UGC of great Britain was established

a)      1919

b)      1953

c)      1956

d)     1960



a)      Write once read many times

b)      Write once read more times

c)      Both A& B Correct

d)     None of these









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