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HRM stands for Human Resources Managements
Functional Elements of management “ are POSDCORB
Esprit De Crops” means Unity of Command
Fifth  Law implies Weeding of Books
The Alphabet Used in Colon Classification -7th Edition to indicate partial Comprehension(Agglomeration) is  Z
ADINET , OPENNET, MALIBNET- All are Indian Network
The Association of Information management was formerly known as ASLIB
Special Library Association was founded in the year 1909 in USA
Lamberton is the specialist of Information Economics
Smith Sonion Institute is not a National Library
Time is very important factor between which of the following Short Range and Long Range
Who started Reference Service in India For the First time? S.R. Ranganathan
In Which University Library of India , the post of reference Librarian was frist Created? MADRAS
STPI Software Technology Parks of India is a Society established by the Ministry of Information Technology , Government of India in 1991
INPADOC- Indian National Patents Documentation Center
ISO-International Standard Organisation
22nd May is the date of birth of Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Index Translationum is a big information Source  and bibliography of translated books published by UNESCO
NICMAN National Information Center on Management was established by NISSAT at Ahmedeabad
MANLIBNET- Management Library Network
Gesner devised the first Bibliographic Classification Scheme.
Katalogus , the word Catalogue comes.
Who is the publisher of Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science? MARCEL Dekker
A Light Pen is an Point Device
In 1969, ISBN has been accepted as official International Standard.
Which is the National Library of UK? The British Library
The First President of IASLIC was DR.S.L. Hora.
Who is the Chairperson of  University Library Committee? Vice Chancellor
Third Law indicates that the document of Library should be brought to the noticeof Users
A Professional Association should primarly work for the development of its members
APINESS- Asia Pacific Information Network in Social Science
Video Text System was developed by CCITT& ITU

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