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www-World Wide Web
World Wide Web is initiated by CERN
Telex is like a Teleprinter-True.
CERN is Situated in Switzerland
URL- Uniform Resource Locator
HTML-Hypertext Markup Language
HTTP- Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
APINess Project is related to Paris
DEVSIS-Defense Science Information System
RECON is an Online Service
RECON Online Technique is related to NASA, USA
RECON-Remote Console.
X Modem was developed by Word Chirstionsen
MIF- Marc International Formate
Earlier Name of OCLC- Ohio College Library Center
Y modem was developed by Chuck Forsberg
MNP Stands for Microcom Networking Protocol.
Who Developed Microcom Netweorking Protocol? MicroCom Cooperation.
UNIX is an Example of Operating System
Unix operating system is written in C High Level Language.
NCSA- National Centre for Supercomputing Applications

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