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Authors and their contribution in Bibliometric Study

F.J.COLE and N.B.Eales (1917)
The History of comparative Anatomy 
 A Statistical Analysis of Literature.
They used the term Statistical Analysis. ( first Bibliometric Study )

E.W. Hulme (1923).
The purpose of Statistical Bibliography is to shed light on the process written communication and of the nature and course of development of a discipline, by means counting and analysis its various facets of written communication.
 .Dr S. R. Ranganathan (1948 ) (Librametry)
Measurement of various Library activities and services using mathematical and tatistical techniques.
 Alan Pritchard (1969) (Bibliometrics )
The application of mathematical and statistical methods to books and other media of communication.

Nalimov and Mulchenko (1969) ( Scientometrics )
The application of those quantitative methods which are dealing with the analysis of science view as on information process.
Otto Nacke (1979)
  Sub field of information Science dealing with mathematical- Statistical analysis of  communication processes in Science (Includes text, hypertext, circulation, e libraries, models of i information production processes and Information retrieval.)
Derek De Solla Price (1963 )
Little Science and Big Science.

Alfred J. Lotka (1926).
Frequency Distribution of Scientific productivity determined of scientific productivity determined from a decennial index. (1907-1916) of chemical abstract.
Bradford (1934 )
Frequency of distribution of papers over journals.
If scientific journals are arranged in order of decreasing productivity on a given subject . They may be divided into a nucleus of journals more particularly devoted to the subject and several groups or zones containing the same number of articles as the nucleus when the numbers of periodicals in the nucleus and the succeeding zones will be as 1:b: b2
Zipf (1949)
rf =c Where r is the rank of a word, f is the frequency of occurance of he word and c is constant.

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