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Library Science is a subject to study about Techniques and  Methods of Library
Library Science is an art or Science: Science and Art
Which is the largest university library in the world? Harvard University Library, USA.
What was the name of the librarian who was invited by Punjab University>
Who was the First Emeritus Professor in Library and Information Science in India?
P.N. Kaula
National Library Week is observed in India every year in the month of Novemeber
Who Founded ILA?Ranganathan.
Where is the headquarter of IFLA?Hague
Who was the first president of IFLA? Issac Collin
J.Kaiser, J.E.L. Farradande and E.J. Coates have made contribution to Indexing theory and Practice
Directing the user to the right source of information is called Referral Service
Public Law480 (PL 480) is an American Law
An Individual who connects an internal Collegue with an external source of information is called Technological Gategkeepers
A.C.Wollner and M.O.Thomas were associated with  Foundation of ILA
“Content By Journal “ is a kind of CAS
“Tree of Prophery” is formed as a result of Dichotomy
The term UF(Used For) and SA(See Also) are used in Library of Congress Subject Heading
Who designated Dr.Ranganthan, as the father of Library Science in India? Sir Maurice Gwoyer
Telecommunication is the transmission of Information by electronic means
Who is known as Dewey of Japan?Fujio
Who is known as Ranganathan of Pakistan? Dr.Khursheed
Margarert Mann is the Female
Sadler Commission was set up in 1917
Reference and Bibliographies are give while Writing a research report
“ Men are Mortal, Raj is Man, Raj is Mortal “ this is example of Deductive Reasoning
Benjamin A .Custer edited 19th Edition of DDC
Who was the teacher of Rangatnathan In London? W.C.B. Sayers
Which honour was awarded to Dr.Ranganathan for his Contributions in Library Science? PadmaShree
Who is the Co-Worker of Dr.Ranganthan in the following? M.A. Gopinath
The open Access System was introduced in India by Ranganathan.
How many national libraries in Italy?
With which agency did UNESCo Collabrate  to establish UNISIST? ICSU
The Concept of “ Anomalous State of Knowledge” was proposed by Belkin
The Concept of Technological Gatekeepers was first proposed by Allen
Medline on CDROm is published By NLM (USA)
Who was Andrew Carneigie? Philonthropist.
AMU, Aligarh, Dr.S.R.Ranganathan did not Occupy any post
Who Was the First Chairman of University Education Commission of India? Dr.Radhakrishnan
IAC-Information Analysis Center
Information has become the most crucial weapon for acquisition of Economic and Political Power? Tre
In India, the Information products and Services are marketed by NISCAIR
The model Public Library established in India with Unesco’s Assistance is Deli Public Library.
The Committee on “ Structure of Public Library Services in England and Wales is known as Roberts Committee
DRTC is not promoting research in the field of Library and Information Science? False
What is Users Need? Information Need
“ Books for all” is the same to which law of of Library Science? Every Reader and his book
What was the name of the Wife of Ranganathan? Sharada
India Office Library is located at Britain
India Office Library possess the Collection of MSS of India
Who was the first Exponent of Scientific method of Research? Bacon
Who devised the Spiral of Scientific Method? SR Ranganathan
To Findout the present Home Minster of India, appropriate source of information is Indias Who Who
Librarian is the Head of University Library
Director is the Head of NASSDOC
“ Library is the heart of an Institution “ was said by Dr.Radhkrishnan
Who Coined the term “ Information Retrieval? Calvin Moores
The term News, Data and Knowledge are Information
Who Coined the term Informatics? Chernyl, Mikhailov, Gilyarvaski
The barriers to Communication and Information Flow are Language Problem, Economic Problem, Political Problem
Non-Verbal Communication is categorized in to Seven Types
Today Society Consumes knowledge and information in Developed Society, Rich Society, Ablest Society
Credit Goes to Scientific Policy Resolution to Jawaharlal Nehru
Mobile Library is a kind of Extension Service.
Library Science Education was started in India by two Americans in 1911 and 195 in the states of baroda and Punjab
The oldest and Largest Library Association in the world is ALA
DRTC, Bangalore and Niscair Delhi are the Indian Institutions offering Library and information Science Education for Special Libraries
IASLIC Indian Association of Special Libraries and Ifnoramtion Center is Cooperating with NISSAT
Retrospective Information Service are provided through Indexing and Abstracting Service
KWIC indexing was devised by H.P.Luhn
Record Terminator  is not a part of Marc Record Structure
ISO 2709 Exchange format specifies the tags to be used.
In ILA , SR was the President
Ranganathan is to Library Science as Einstein is to Physics was said by Eugene Garfield
New Encyclopedia is published from Chicago/USA
Pamphlets Fall under tertiary Sources
The Slogan “ Right Book to the right reader at the right time is given by J.F.K. Drury
Who coined the term “ Initiation  of Readers? DR.S.R. Ranganathan
Who used the word “ Bibliography “ First? Lousi Jacob De Saint Charles
Seymour Lubetzky related to Cataloguing
Who used the term “Thesaurus” first in 1957? Helen Brownson
The term Information was used in 1966 in USSR in the place of Information Science
Librachine was the name given to Book Mobile by Sr
Minimum, Middling and Maximum  Theories of Reference service are given by Samuel Rothstein.
The basic elements of Communication process are Source, message and Reciver
Old and Fragile Books can be preserved by Microfiliming, Digitising and Rebinding
Budget is a financial Method

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