Variable : The quality or quantity of a thing (abstract or concrete) that takes different values.
Zenith : The highest point of an activity.
Descriptive Studies : Research studies that are carried out to describe an object,phenomena, process, or organisation in the present.
Experimental Studies : Research studies that are undertaken to study cause and effect relations between variables are called experimental studies.
Research Design : The strategy that a researcher adopts to undertake his/
her research. It concerns the operationalisation of hypothesis, data collection, and data analysis.
Content Analysis : It is a method of data collection for studying events that
have taken place in the past on the basis of literature.
Validity : Validity is a measure of the extent of what you are
measuring is what you intend to measure.
Hypothesis : Assumption regarding the relations between the variables in
a study.
Problem : A description of the problem you shall study in your
research work.