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1.WIPO established in the year...... at.....?
  1967, Geneva
2. Ontology is …..?
  Classification of internet based documents
3.Mozilla is a....?
  Web browser
4.Translation Pools means.....?
  Agency of the name of translation experts
5. The term Bibliophile means …..?
  Book lover
6.Who contributed on the systematic use of user's education?
  Patricia B. Knapp
7. ASK (Approach, Skill, Knowledge) principle is related to...?
8. ISBN changed from 10 digits to 13 digits in the year...?
  January, 2007
9. SSTF stands for....?
  Shortest-Seek-Time-First Scheduling
10. Microchip was invented by....?
11.. In which year the ISBN allocation office in India shifted from Kolkatta to Delhi?
12. In which year headquarter of FID was shifted from Brussels to The Hague?
13. Action Research means....?
  A research initiated to solve an immediate problem
14. NNTP stands for....?
  Network News Transport Protocol
15. SMTP stands for....?
  Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
16. Who invented the Modem?
  AT&T Information System, USA
17. What is Gopher?
  It is a protocol designed to search
18. UPS stands for....?
  Uninterrupted Power Supply
19. Automated Indexing developed by.....?
20. Thesaurus Indexing developed by....?

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