21. BISNET was launched by....?
FICCI, to provide variety of  information service.
22. EFTS stands for....?
Electronic Fund Transfer System
23. Geodata and information division located at....?              
24. Central salt and marine chemical research institute located at....?       
25. Fishery survey of India located at...?            
26. National remote sensing agency at...?           
27. Indian Metrological department...?               
28. INISIS in the year...?                 
29. AGRIS in the year....?                
30. MEDLARS in the year...?          
31. INFOTERRA in the year...?                
32. Institute of Information Science (IIS) and Library Association UK (LA) merged in the year....to form of....?              
2002, CILIP
33. The document supply centre of the British Library was formerly known as....?               Lending Division
34. V.I.N.I.T.I is the national documentation centre of....?
35. The author of introduction to Librarianship is...?
                   J.K. Gates
36. The national library of India was declared to open to public in..... by.....?
                   1st feburary, 1953 by Moulana Abdul kalam Azad.
37. The author of manual of library economy is.....?
38. Mathematical formula for estimating sample size is given by....?
                   Taro Yamane
39. Inkblot test is developed by...?
                   Hermann Rorschach
40. The highest method point of spiral method is....?

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