41. ILA becomes the member of IFLA in the year...?
42. Connecting people and Information is slogan of.....?
43. Managing Information is slogan of...?
44. International Institute of Documentation established in the year...?
45. Headquarter of FID shifted from Brussels to The Hague in the year....?
46. Indian University Act was passed in the year...?
47. Committee on national network system for University libraries in the year....? By....?
                   1988, Prof.Yash Pal
48. INFLIBNET Regional centre are....?
                   J.N. Nehru University, New Delhi (North)
                   IIS, Bangalore (south)
                   Jadavpur University, Culcutta (east)
                   University of Pune (west)
49. According to education commission 1964-66 of university budget should be..... of its library budget.              
50. UNISIST is a joint programme of.....?
                   UNESCO and ICSU
51. Father of english Bibliography is....?
                   John Leland
52. Zato coding was invented by...?
                   Calvin Moors
53. Agricola is a....?
                   US Department of Agriculture
54. Indian National Bibliography published from..... languages?
55. Relational indexing by...?
                   J.E.L. Farradane in 1950
56. A review committee of library science was appointed by....?
                   UGC, in 1961
57. First chairman of the library committee is.....?
                   Dr. C.D. Deshmukh
58. Book bank started in the year...?
59. UAP is a core programme of....?
60. BNB started in the year...?

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